Wrapping Up.

As I’m finally wrapping up the album after 2 and a half years of work and listening to all the songs back-to-back, I realized how much of myself I reveal on this album. I also noticed a subconscious pattern that connects all the songs together. This pattern touches on so many social issues like feminism, guilt, and shame. If anybody asks me “Who is Omar?” I would tell them to listen to this album and they would find all the answers that they need. It is me telling my truth with utmost honesty and transparency.

I am extremely proud of Soundproof. It may have taken a long time to make, but I think I did pretty good considering the fact that during the time I made it I moved countries twice, I worked 3 full time jobs, and I got a Master’s degree. I have achieved so much the past couple of years personally and professionally, and the album is just the cherry on top. It is a sonic photographic album that captures memories from the past two years of my life; what went on through my head, how I felt at certain highs and lows, and how passion & hard work can truly take you anywhere you want to go. It is my story of vulnerability, honesty, at times weakness, at times strength, and all the things that make me human.

Whether this album does for me what I hope it does in the world of pop music or not, I am extremely proud of it and it is definitely a milestone in my musical career and life in general. I hope it inspires you to go after your dreams and that it gives you strength like it has given me.

I will be doing the album cover shoot this weekend, so I am extremely excited because this is all finally coming together and you guys finally get to hear the full Soundproof album! Thank you all so much for being so patient! Not long now!

The album will be out in 2 versions; there will be a regular edition for the general pop listener that’s short & sweet, and a deluxe edition for hardcore frands (fans/friends) who want the full Soundproofexperience as I intended it.

The regular edition will include the following track listing:

  1. Man in the Arena. (Intro)
  2. Soundproof.
  3. Music Therapy.
  4. Escape the Box.
  5. Alive.
  6. Bad.
  7. Borders.
  8. Heartbreak & Sun Rays.
  9. Portrait of a Lady.
  10. Leave Me Alone.
  11. Flashing Lights.
  12. Breathing.
  13. Super Trouper.
  14. The Calm.

The deluxe edition will include 3 bonus songs, an interlude and 2 remixes as follows:

  1. Man in the Arena. (Intro)
  2. Soundproof.
  3. Music Therapy.
  4. Escape the Box.
  5. Alive.
  6. Bad.
  7. Loving You.
  8. Borders.
  9. Heartbreak & Sun Rays.
  10. Portrait of a Lady.
  11. Leave Me Alone.
  12. Dare To Dream. (Interlude)
  13. Flashing Lights.
  14. Miracle.
  15. Apprecihation.
  16. Breathing.
  17. Super Trouper.
  18. The Calm.
  19. Alive. (Acoustic)
  20. Music Therapy. (Anesthesia Remix)

I can’t wait to finally share this album. I will announce a date of release very very soon. Watch this space!

Thank you for all your love, support, and patience.

I love you.