Soundproof: Track By Track

I’ve been working on these videos for the past week! I spent a lot of time working on ‘Soundproof’ and a lot of thought has gone into making this album. I really wanted it to be the album to go to when you’ve had a bad day or experience. I can now finally share the meaning behind each song with these Track By Track videos!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

'Music Therapy' Music Video.

Note: make sure you set the settings to 1080HD quality to fully enjoy the video.

I am so proud to present to you my very first music video! Directed by my friend Moe Al-Saeed, this project has been in the works for months and it wouldn’t have been possible to make without the help of all the fantastic people who poured their heart and soul into it.

The video gives a glimpse of what we have in mind for the Soundproof album. I hope you all enjoy watching it! I hope you I did you proud! Please share the video with your friends and family and ask them to download the single which is FREE. Get the single here!

Music Therapy - Out Now!

The 1st single off my upcoming new album Soundproof is finally out! The single includes the original poppy version of the song + a remix with different vocals to set a different mood.


I really hope you guys enjoy this song and appreciate all the effort that went into making it. The song is free so it’s accessible to everyone! Please share it with your friends and get them to download. I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

Lots of love,

Omar xoxo

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