Omar Afuni - Up Close & Pixelized (Mini Documentary Series)

The full mini documentary series is now available to watch on my YouTube channel. Check out all 5 parts in which I talk about a variety of topics like my music, my struggles, what inspires me, my experience with YouTube, my precious Pixels, and more! The documentary takes you behind the scenes and gives you insight on my work as a musician.

'Resurrected': HR Show Experience Review

Howard from the HR Show Experience did a review on my album ‘Resurrected’. I’ve known Howard for almost a year now and he has been so supportive of me and my work, this video came to me as a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. Howard, thank you so much for saying all those great things you said about me, I really did work hard on this album and I appreciate that you’re trying to support me as much as you can. You’re a good friend.

Everyone, support Howard by going over to his YouTube channel and subscribing!

'Resurrected' Released on iTunes Worldwide.

I know I’m giving away the album for free here, but I decided to put it on iTunes in case you would like to support me further. The money I get will be used to finance my music career, the more money I have the more things I’ll be able to do.

If it weren’t for the help of my family & friends, I wouldn’t have been able to create ‘Resurrected’ - not the music, not the visuals. By buying the album you’ll be helping me stand on my own two feet financially & give me the creative freedom I need to advance and evolve as an artist.


NOTE: If you buy the album on iTunes, forward the purchase receipt that you receive to along with your name, cell phone number & postal mail address so I can thank you properly. ;)

'Resurrected' Downloaded 700 Times on 1st Day!

I’m so happy to announce that my album ‘Resurrected’ was downloaded 700 times on the first day of release. That’s a pretty good first day considering there are only 260 fans at my Facebook page & 293 followers on Twitter. Huge thanks to everyone who’s downloaded it & spread the word about it!

I’m gonna do my part to promote the record by contacting every blog I know and by recording some new videos for my YouTube channel. I still haven’t announced to my 800 subscribers that my album’s out.

I need you guys to keep spreading the word about the album, post it on your Facebook profiles, tweet it, tell your friends/family over dinner about it… etc.

People’s favorite songs so far are: Where I Can Dance, 200 BPM & Lavender Love. What’s your favorite?


'Resurrected' is RELEASED!

Today is a very special day for me because today my debut album ‘Resurrected' is finally released after an entire year in the making! So much time, energy and love has gone into the process of creating this album so I hope everyone really enjoys it and appreciates the lyrical, musical & vocal content of it.

Click on the album cover above to download the album for absolutely FREE! Please spread the album and share it with everyone you know if you enjoy it.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported me through-out last year and stuck with me through thick & thin, to mention a few people: Moe, Odai, Alv, JoxX, Caeser, Saris, Sophie, Ahmed, David, Shoosh, Cold XD, Juan, Mood, Bahjat, D Neal, Luca, Eirika, Anthony, Yani, Yair, Mike, Azizul, Senida, Lynn, Elena, Damian, Diana, Max, Salman, Sulley to name a few! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you too!

This is the first of many more albums to come! ENJOY IT, everyone!

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