Soundproof: Track By Track

I’ve been working on these videos for the past week! I spent a lot of time working on ‘Soundproof’ and a lot of thought has gone into making this album. I really wanted it to be the album to go to when you’ve had a bad day or experience. I can now finally share the meaning behind each song with these Track By Track videos!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Omar Afuni - Up Close & Pixelized (Mini Documentary Series)

The full mini documentary series is now available to watch on my YouTube channel. Check out all 5 parts in which I talk about a variety of topics like my music, my struggles, what inspires me, my experience with YouTube, my precious Pixels, and more! The documentary takes you behind the scenes and gives you insight on my work as a musician.

Flashing Lights (Live)

The #SoundproofLive series continues! The next song is ‘Flashing Lights’. I wanted to do a song that combined disco, funk and optimism, and I ended up writing ‘Flashing Lights’ about that moment when things are starting to happen for someone, all their hard work pays off, and they feel like the lines between dreams and reality are blurred. I hope you enjoy it!

Dare to dream and visualize what you dream, nothing’s as impossible as it seems…


I’m doing a series of live performances of songs from my new album ‘Soundproof’. The first performance of the series is ‘Bad' which is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's about self forgiveness and being ok with the fact that you're meant to make mistakes. You can download the song for free here. It’s also available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes Radio, Beats Music, and more.

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Portrait of a Lady (Lyric Video)

This song is one of my favorites from ‘Soundproof’. It’s about a woman who has had enough with the oppression forced on her by her society. The song describes the night she makes her escape and leaves that life behind her. The lyric video was edited by Mohamad Al Saeed (who also wrote the song) and is an homage to Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai.

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